The KDCF is now accepting donations for the Kimberley Refugee Resettlement Group (KRRG)

You can make a donation to one of the existing Funds (any size gift is gratefully accepted) or contact us about starting your own Donor-Advised Fund with a donation of $10,000 or more.

The KDCF seeks donations from local corporations and individuals and is approaching former residents of the Kimberley area that still feel a connection to this community. Gifts, pledges, legacies and bequests, memorial tributes for loved ones and donations from the proceeds of life insurance will all help to build the Foundation’s pool of capital.

In addition to providing donors with a charitable tax receipt, the KDCF offers donors a number of fund options to better help them meet their giving needs.

  • Community Fund: This fund provides the most flexibility to meet future community needs. Decisions on how the income from the fund is disbursed each year, are made by the Foundation board based on the current needs of the community.
  • Winter Games Legacy Fund: This fund is established to support the City of Kimberley in aiding sports-related organizations in the community.
  • Bill Motek Memorial Fund: This fund supports the work of the Pines Memorial Society at the Kimberley Special Care Home.
  • Kootenay Saving Credit Union Fund: This fund supports current needs in the community, and received a large initial grant from the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation in 2009.

The first 3 endowment funds are held by the Vancouver Foundation and managed by their team of professional investment managers, but distribution of grants are decisions made locally by KDCF.  The KSCU Fund is held and managed at Kootenay Savings Credit Union.  All funds are invested in prudent investments with low cost of fund management.

How to make a donation

  • By cheque: Any of the Directors would be pleased to help you make your donation.  Or mail a cheque payable to Kimberley & District Community Foundation, with a note of the fund you would like to support.
  • Online: You can also donate online Online donations will give you a charitable receipt directly from, and they will deposit your donation into the KDCF account.  There is a small administrative fee charged for online donations (paid for by KDCF).