• Wildsight's Open Gate Garden

    We recently donated $1170 to Wildsight to help purchase equipment and signage for the Open Gate Garden.

  • Kimberley Community Band

    In November we gave the Kimberley Community Band a grant of $5500 for their Mass Band event in 2019.

  • Healthy Kimberley

    The Healthy Kimberley Society recently applied for and received a grant from the KDCF of $5500 to assist with the construction of an outdoor basketball court at Selkirk High School

About the Foundation

The Kimberley & District Community Foundation (KDCF) was created in 2001 to help current and former residents of the area make a lasting contribution to their community.

The Foundation accepts donations, bequests and gifts from individuals and corporations to create permanent endowment funds which support a wide variety of community projects.

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Our Foundation's Goals:

To Enhance

To enhance the social welfare, health and education of residents.

To Preserve

To preserve and protect the environment.

To Advance

To advance the arts, culture and recreation in our community.